welcome to gluten-free gift!

gluten-free in Venice, Italy
"The fact that you will never stuff another cheese Danish into your mouth without suffering some nasty consequences is actually a gift. 

Perhaps I have my head half shaved and am sporting a toga as I mutter my mantra to the god of rice cakes, but I have chosen my reality. I'm not crazy. I simply think it's empowering to reclaim your health by ignoring English muffins."

And so, it is from this quote that I take a leap into the world of blogging. I have been speaking about living on a gluten-free diet at events since my book first went to print in 2002. Through this blog I intend to elaborate on the many ways this "diet" is a gift.  

There are some fantastic blogs out there for people living gluten-free... but not everyone wants to jump through culinary hula hoops. I'm interested in the everyday issues like what to pack for lunch or how to navigate an awkward situation.

The goal of gluten-free gift is to inspire fresh thinking, address feelings and investigate new approaches to food. I welcome you to join me on the adventure!