greek is good for gluten-free

Classic chicken souvlaki dinner is rarely a dangerous choice for the gluten intolerant. First, it's GRILLED. Second, it's  marinated in oil, lemon, garlic and oregano. It's typically served with two gluten-free carbs.... rice AND potatoes. 

photo credit: westcoasttastebuds.com

Tzatziki sauce is made of yogurt, cucumber and garlic. A standard souvlaki plate is also often served with a crunchy salad made of iceburg lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and olives dressed with oil, salt and oregano. I like the simplicity of it all. I also prefer to enjoy this classic fare with someone who will share the extreme garlic breath that's all part of the experience.

Steer clear of the pita bread (obvious) and some classic Greek specialities like spanikopita (puff pastry with spinach and cheese) and the moussaka (eggplant/lasagna type dish that includes flour in the bechamel sauce).  

I wrote about Indian food recently, and the same rules apply. Getting to know who's making your food means you can broaden the selection you try. In general, ordering the grilled souvlaki dishes means getting a plate full of safe and delicious food. This being said, ALWAYS tell your server that you are gluten intolerant.Try the ouzo (liquor that tastes like licorice, goes down easy and will have you drunk in no time if you're not stern with the person who wants to keep refilling your glass). It's gluten-free too :) OPA!!


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