chip truck: safest gluten-free fries (but always ask!)

French fries. The ultimate gluten-free fast food... providing they are not cooked in the same vat of grease as onion rings, wontons, chicken nuggets etc. You want potatoes cooked with nothing but potatoes. Hard to always be sure in restaurants where the menu may switch up from night to night (but the fat in which the myriad of items is fried, remains the same). 

I love the chip truck. You can quickly peruse the limited menu beside the window to know whether or not there is anything else bubbling away in the greasy metal basket besides hand cut potatoes. 

You get to look the guy who makes your fries in the eye and ask the questions. He's only one guy, and he owns the truck and likely peeled your potatoes. Ironically, while most will see this as a junk food experience, I think that the chip truck is one of the safest places for a gluten-free gal to get a fix. 

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