Queen B Pastry = gluten-free decadence

I think that this photo speaks volumes. A few months back I tried a chocolate walnut Queen B Pastry cookie at Dark Horse Espresso Bar here in Toronto. It was so delicious that I ate it all before even considering that I might want to photograph it for this blog. A few weeks back I was in the same cafe and discovered this amazing "CROWNIE" (a cross between a cookie and a brownie.... hell yes!).

I was down to the last two bites when panic struck. I'd almost eaten the whole shebang... and these were too good not to share the word...so I took this little morsel home in the gorgeous package so that I could capture it on film and share it with you. I'm going to let their website tell the rest of the story. Click HERE to read up on where you'll find Queen B Pastry's incredible goods. The flavours have layers. I'm telling you, gluten-free has never tasted this decadent.

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  1. A couple of weeks after I posted this, the incredibly generous owners of Queen B sent me a box of these gorgeous treats. I summoned up all of my self discipline and shared them with friends and colleagues who are also gluten-intolerant. You should have seen the smiles!

    Crema Coffee down the street is now carrying the Crownie, along with another amazing olive oil/orange muffin that is seriously out of this world. I hope we start seeing Queen B products very well distributed - they have the potential to make a lot of people very happy!