gluten-free birthday party...time warp.

gluten-free party circa 1975 that's me on the far right.
This is my seventh birthday party. Back in the day, being celiac on your birthday meant that you were special in more ways than one. Your hot dog was "special" your bun was "special" and your cake - was "special"... meaning gluten free (and often funny looking). Mum got full marks for pulling it off. 

Nowadays... a full on gluten-free birthday party could be thrown without comment. You can find gf versions of pretty much everything - and if you don't mind the expense... every kid can eat what the "special" kid is having.  

Today marks my 44th birthday... and everyone celebrating with me will be "having what I'm having". Times most certainly have changed!!


  1. Aren't you cute? What a lovely photo. And you are so right -- you can easily pull off a gf version of pretty much anything now, and no one will notice. Cheers to being in the golden age of gluten free, and a happy, happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy birthday indeed! Last month for my birthday, my girls popped to the local shop, grabbed a cake mix, we went out for lunch, grabbed a whole selection of goodies for afternoon tea- and every single thing was gluten free! No hassles at all, all outsourced from 'normal' retailers as well.
    Certainly so much easier than the bad old days! :)

  3. Happy birthday Claudine! Enjoy what you're eating...I'm sure everyone else will too and they wouldn't even know. As the years go by I bet you gfree birthdays will get even better.

    We are heading for my hubs' 35th bday next weekend...and I found a fondue resto that has a sep. Gfree menu.

    Hope you're well!

  4. Happy Birthday! Even though belated the wish is sincere. Don't know how I hadn't found you. Your blog is great-- love the title. I'll be back.

  5. Hey this is old school! :D Thanks for sharing your picture. Though the traditions have changed overtime, one thing will remain constant - you will always cherish those moments and would sometimes dream that you can go back and enjoy those moments!