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I was pretty excited to see the speedometer roll over on this blog as the new year unfurled. There are days when you post and wonder if anyone is actually getting anything from your efforts. 

For those who are regular visitors, you've probably noticed that posts have been pretty sparse over the last 6 months. I've been knee deep in a special project that is finally wrapping up after more than 8 years of incubation. I look forward to sharing more about it here sooooon!!!

For now, I hope you'll poke around the blog and check out some older posts through the tags on the bottom right side, or by hitting the banner to get the last 12 posts. I'll be back again on a regular basis in February to continue the adventure with you :)

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taking a gluten-free specialty product break

The world looks very different today for a gluten-intolerant person than it did in 1972. I have watched the food options soar in the last 10 years to a point where I barely notice that I have a "special" diet anymore. I kept thinking that this fad was going to pass the way of the Atkins diet… but it seems that my people are everywhere now - and so is our food.

I am grateful, but I also think that there is a bit of a downside for an old-school celiac like me. Access to goodies at every turn and gf products that mimic foods I'd never even missed have entered my diet. Many are delicious. Many are also superfluous. I don't need a cinnamon bun. 

I've just realized that I  probably eat at least one "special gluten-free" cracker, bread, pasta or cookie every day. Not a big deal for some… but I used to live very well without these items.

I've been battling some health issues of late - as I get older I'm adding more autoimmune conditions to my list (I'm now at 4). Genetics and environment are key factors in autoimmune disease. I can't control the former - but I think it's time to put some controls on the latter. 

As part of my self care protocol, I've decided not to do anything rash like a cleanse… but I am going to take a break from all foods "produced" as gluten free. I'm going to lay off the specialty gluten-free bread, crackers, cookies, snacks… and try to go back to the diet I thrived on 10 years ago. 

Back to simple grains (millet, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat), organic protein, and tons of veggies… I won't be a saint - just the simple omission of packaged goods. Back to basics for awhile to see how the deletion of excess starches, xanthum and guar gums, etc., etc., has me feeling. (I already know the answer). If you are wondering what I'm talking about - take a look at a past post HERE

We buy very little in way of processed products at home - but somehow the gluten-free goodies have crept into the house as I've had a little entitlement to get over after years of having gone without. It might be easier to go without now, knowing that products will be on the shelf to enjoy in moderation when I'm feeling better. 

With the arrival of a new year, I figure the rest of the planet will be on a diet of sorts too. Whatever you're eating - may the new year bring you good health!