gluten-free gingerbread house kit... home sweet home!

I walked by the kit twice before I finally picked up the box and gave in to the urge. I have never actually built AND eaten a gingerbread house in my life. El Peto just made it too easy to walk away. 

While this model won't make it into Architectural Digest... I'm pretty pleased with myself for making the effort - and will be just as pleased to demolish it over the holidays and eat the cookie slabs (as opposed to just picking off the decorations!). Do you have any classic yuletide favorites you are looking to find, or replicate this holiday season?



  1. I usually make my own, but how handy to have found one gluten free like that, I would have bought it just to support the company who made it so they keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Intolerant! Agree that if you have the DNA required for baking... working from scratch is always best. I prefer home-baked as a rule... but knew that this was not going to happen this year if dependent on me working with a rolling pin... next year maybe!!

  3. Thanks for beauty and fine execution!