non recipe for gluten-free muffins...hard to go wrong!

I'm a renegade baker. I don't follow instructions well... so muffins and cookies are pretty much my limit. I am posting this little ditty simply to encourage other non-bakers to experiment every now and then. 

I made these banana muffins without a recipe. I can hear gasps of disapproval as I type... but truth be told, I just toss a bunch of ingredients fairly ad-hoc into my food processor... pour and bake. Now, I must admit that muffins are something I can do by "feel" - as long as my batter has the consistency of molasses I seem to do just fine. I tossed the following into the processor in this order without any measuring utensils: canola oil, brown sugar, 3 small eggs, two bananas, brown rice flour, baking powder, pinch of salt, garam masala spice, walnuts & raisins. Muffins baked at 375 for 30 minutes.
Sometimes I use different spices, sometimes chickpea flour replaces the rice or applesauce replaces the banana.  
I'm not saying you don't need to know what you are doing to make a well-risen cake or replicate a danish in gf form, however, it's hard to fail with muffins and I encourage you to give it a go once and awhile without feeling intimidated. (There are lots of recipes on the net if you want some measurement guidelines). Things like pancakes are also very forgiving...Would love to hear of other easy/no-fail recipes non-bakers like me are experimenting with!


  1. ha! this made me smile. going to share it with my non-baking GF friends. :)

  2. Some things like muffins do work well like this, but overall I'm a weigh and measure everything kinda girl. I like the flavor combo in these, yumm...