arepa... another gluten-free gift

Tonight I stopped by a lovely event held at an amazing Venezuelan cafe in downtown Toronto called arepa. This spot is an absolute gluten-free delight.

An arepa is made of corn flour. The "bread" has a very slight crispness on the grilled exterior and is soft and warm inside. The fillings can be made of pulled meat, and or cheese and or vegetables.  

I had my very first arepa in San Francisco a couple of years ago - and I thought I'd have to travel great distances to have another... until Angela introduced me to this amazing place in our own city. I was giddy the first time I walked in.

The ambiance of arepa cafe is contemporary yet cozy. Rows of packaged PAN cornmeal are on display... such a comforting sight! The  menu indicates which dishes (most!) are free from gluten. A haven for celiacs :)
photo credit: vince talotta/toronto star

Tonight I was there for the exhibition opening of Michele Guevara - a very talented fibre artist whose work will be on display at arepa cafe through January 12. 

The combination of warm people, creative expression and abundance of delicious foods we can indulge in... reminded me once again that life is full of gifts. I can't wait to go back.

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