visiting friends; the gluten-free guest

"brown paper packages tied up with string... these are a few of my favourite things!"

Gluten-free gifts are not typically wrapped in butcher paper - I thought that this one deserved special mention. 

Angela, who is a gluten-free gal 99% of the time, will occasionally partake in a stuffed chicken breast containing bread crumbs. She knew, however, that I did not have the same flexibility. So this weekend, when hitting the butcher in prep for my visit to their cottage, Angela picked up a couple of chicken skewers that the butcher could assure were safe. Don't you just love that they were waiting in the fridge when I arrived with my name on them? 

Never mind that there were also homemade gf breakfast bars presented with my tea upon arrival on Saturday morning and that lunch included mini pizza's served on rice paper wraps. I've said it many times here... friends show me the greatest affection through these gluten-free gifts. Thank you Angela!!

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