gluten-free loving kindness

lee's rendition of william & claudine
This weekend my dear friend Lee married a lovely fella named Dave. Their ceremony was moving, and their reception was stylish, fresh and and full of love. The radiant bride had considered every detail, delighting all of their guests. 

About a month earlier, Lee had made a gorgeous wedding cake for Bill and I. This was a delivery on a promise that she had made to me many, many years ago. When she announced that she'd make me a gluten-free wedding cake. I'd had to remind her that I didn't even have a boyfriend at the time. 

The cake was presented at a house party we had weeks after we were wed. It was spectacular - and delicious, seriously impressing all of our guests. Lee had made the cake pictured on the right panel of this blog for my 40th. Our friends still talk about that cake. The girl knows how to bake. I was so moved by the love that Lee had put into this gift for us. 

Back to Lee & Dave's wedding. The dinner plates are being cleared,  when a young man places a chocolate cupcake in front of me. I looked up at him and say "Oh, thank you but I can't have that" - practically waving it away. He asked if I was the lady who ate gluten free. I said I was, and remembering Lee's attention to detail, I thought that perhaps there was some fruit put aside for me. Nope.

gf cupcake photo courtesy of Sharon :)
Not only was this cupcake for me, it turns out that the bride had baked it herself. It was made from the gluten-free batter from the wedding cake that she had made for us just weeks before and frozen in anticipation of this evening. I could have wept. 

"gluten free gift" was given it's name because I often think that the most profound acts of kindness I have experienced have been related to people taking care of me with food. This was a gift, and a memory that I will always cherish as part of Lee & Dave's beautiful wedding. Grazie mille Lee!

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  1. I had to go back and read this a few times -- you recently got married? CONGRATS! How exciting. And what a lovely friend to be so kind as to not only make you a GF wedding cake, but to make and offer you GF options at her wedding as well. What a gift! :)