Prairie Girl Cupcakes

Prairie Girl bakery has been a hot spot with the gals in my office for some time now. I'd heard that they made great gluten-free cupcakes, but had yet to make the trek to one of their downtown locations to give them a try. A couple of weeks ago we had an office celebration... and imagine my delight when I found this box beside the larger offering of gluten-laden cupcakes. There are 3 gluten-free gals in our office, and someone had gone out of their way to make sure we were part of the festivities. 

I tried a chocolate one - and ate two of the vanilla ones pictured in the box above. About 50% of these cupcakes are icing - the good kind. Quality. I've posted a link to the Prairie Girl website HERE so that you can learn more about where to get your hands on some. If you want to jump on the cupcake crazed bandwagon... this is the way to go.

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