baked with love: celebrating with gluten-free cake!

My Mum makes a tasty gluten-free version of a classic English sponge cake (with apricot jam in the middle). She's been making it for me since the 1970's.

This is a simple, light, airy and dry cake - very different from the Betty Crocker variety. It tastes like my childhood, and I love it. 

I'm particularly fond of Mum's hilarious 'binary' code birthday candles on this one pictured above, in celebration of my 40th birthday a few years ago.

People don't often have or take the time to bake from scratch. It's such a special treat to have a cake baked especially for you. When you can't pick one up at the local grocery store - it's an even bigger deal to have a cake baked in your honour.

Mum showed up at our family wedding party this weekend with this classic cake (sans candles of course). Bill got a slice, but aside from that I haven't been sharing it. I'm having my cake and eating it too :) Thanks Mum!!


  1. Celia Crangle9 May 2012 at 20:14

    Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Oh how sweet!
    My daughters made me a gluten free mud cake this last weekend for my birthday. It was dry and crumbly, but it was full of love so it tasted delicious to me :)