You won't believe these are wheat & gluten free

Wow Brand makes a selection of gf cookies
The top of this bag reads: "....You won't believe these are wheat & gluten free". I thought that this was an ironic marketing pitch. 

I don't know about you, but whenever I taste something that's a little too good to be true, I often do have that moment of panic. I need a gluten eating person to taste and say... nope, these taste different. I've been known to stop after one cookie, to make sure that I don't get ill. Of course when the coast is clear, I'll devour the rest of the package in one go :).

These were yummy, soft, gingery... and left a really pleasing taste in my mouth. Thank you to my friend Laura who bought them for me :) I'll keep my eyes open for the WOW brand of treats in the future! I've linked to their website HERE.


  1. I am the exact same way, it seems too good to be true sometimes. I'm a big ginger fan. And my stomach is growling right now... wish I had a few!

  2. I just reviewed this company on my blog! :) Their brownie is my favorite!