gluten-free Prague

Prague was our next stop on the northern European adventure. Gorgeous. So many people I'd spoken to when we were planning our trip gushed about this place, or shared a desire to get there. It has to be said, that while enchanting in many ways, its popularity has also made it the most touristic of the four cities we visited. Our best days were spent way off of the beaten track. We did do all of the major sites (in one day) and then Bill had us searching off the grid for some rare cubist-style architecture.  

As for the food... this was our first stop with our own apartment. It was wonderful to walk down the street, get our groceries and make a safe meal at home with a nice glass of wine after a day of walking the cobblestone streets. 

our kitchen at Residence Elema
gluten-free savoury Czech pancakes!

Schar products could be found in the grocery stores, along with a couple of other products that were clearly defined as gluten free. One of our finds were these amazing pancakes which we served with a hearty salad for dinner one night. One egg, some milk and this mix which was largely based of chickpea and corn flour and a unique blend of herbs made a very delicious and satisfying meal... but I'm taking too long to tell you about the BEST find in Prague.... 

Restaurace Na Zlaté křižovatce which translates to "At Golden Crossing". A completely gluten-free restaurant. Not kidding. It was unbelievable (and the celiacs were pouring in from everywhere!). 

front page of menu put you at ease!
Bill said that he had never seen me so relaxed in a restaurant. My biggest challenge was deciding what to have when you can have everything... (is this what "normal" people feel when they go out to dinner?!). I opted for the chicken breast stuffed with pancetta, spinach and some kind of cheese served with rapini (my favourite veggie!) and polenta. Bill had the wild boar stew with gf dumplings. Both were fantastic. 

And then... I had the first apple strudel of my life. 
gluten free apple strudel - I hated having to choose only ONE dessert from the extensive menu!
We got our Visa bill today. This meal for two complete with drinks, dessert and a tip came to $60 Canadian. If you go to Prague - go here. Go every night. Oh, and you must make a reservation. Many disappointed people were turned away. You'll find a link to gluten-free heaven right HERE where you can reserve via email :). I have to thank Erin at Gluten-free Globetrotter for posting about this place...check out her site to see more about all of the other places she's visited!


  1. Wow! That food sounds fantastic. Since becoming gluten-free, I've really enjoyed Schar products.

    My bf and I are planning a trip to Europe in the next year or so, knowing that places are so GF-friendly is encouraging!

  2. Oh wow. This post gave my goose bumps -- what a great feeling to be able to have EVERYTHING on the menu. Loving the stories and photos from your travels!

  3. All gone now. Unforttunately Na Zlaté křižovatce closed on New Years Day this year 1/1/14. Hopefully they'll find somewhere else.
    jason (www.livingprague.com)

    1. Jason - thanks for letting me know... what a shame! I too hope that they find a new location and re-open. It was such a treat for people with celiac to eat SO well in a restaurant!