gluten free portion control

this photo almost never happened: note the self control!
My experience with celiac disease has gone through a number of phases. One that I can't seem to shake is a complete lack of control where gluten-free baked goods are concerned. If there is something I CAN eat... I EAT it. Be it an entire box of cookies in less than 24 hours, or an entire cake. I don't exaggerate. I'm confessing. This likely stems from having grown up in a world where I rarely saw a box of cookies that I could eat. Perhaps I'm just making up for lost time :).

Admitting the problem is step one. One of my more recent management techniques, is to get out of the grocery store without buying VOLUME. I'm very frugal by nature, but sometimes, paying more for an individual serving means not feeling lousy about having overindulged. 

One of my latest finds has been this single serving chocolate walnut brownie by Sweets of the Earth. It is so sweeeeeet - that I can actually walk away (for at least half an hour) after eating only a few bites. 

For those of you who have more discipline, I would highly recommend the flourless cashew cookies - I've linked to their website HERE. I had to stop purchasing them as I can't find the strength to put them away before I've finished the box. I've also tried their vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake. I wouldn't dream of bringing home a cake just for me, but I'm very happy to see it turn up again and again at events so that I can enjoy a piece. These treats also work well for those who are unable to eat dairy or eggs.This is not a paid endorsement - I critique gf foods based on what I find, purchase and want to tell you about.

Next I need to locate where I can purchase their new gluten-free frozen cookie dough... that way I can make only as many cookies as I should eat in one sitting.

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  1. It can be hard, can't it? When you find something that actually tastes yummy you don't want to miss out! It's also tempting when you're told 'finish it off, no one else will eat the gluten free stuff' Portion control is definitely a great idea!