Italian gluten-free pasta - good enough for Italians :)

I've written here about the time I spent living in Italy but I've never written about the gluten-free PASTA. We cooked a lot of it and it was constantly fed to house loads of Italian guests. 

If you've ever eaten with an Italian in Italy, then you know that there are lots of opinions about the pasta. You don't mess with it. Finding a gluten-free pasta that would satisfy these discerning palates was quite a feat.

The pasta that met approval was Le Veneziane. It's made in Italy and distributed widely, but not found in most large retail chains in Canada - when I come across it I snatch it up. My mom seems to find it more often and buys it too. 

This is a corn based pasta, which makes a nice change from our typical brown rice. It also comes in a variety of shapes that you don't often find - like nests of capellini or these tiny little anellini, shown below. 

Italians serve tiny pasta shapes to babies. I like integrating them into soup. Usually a broth, but I recently cooked some up and added it to my lentil soup - which really beefed it up. 
The pasta, which is made of corn flour looks very yellow in the box, but you can see that it cooks up to look exactly the same colour as wheat pasta.

You can contact Le Veneziane via their website HERE to learn where to find their products near you. As always, this is not a paid endorsement. Just sharing my favorite finds. 

You can read more about the small town where I spent a year in Italy HERE along with a post about making polenta :)

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  1. I haven't seen that brand here, but how lovely it performs well. My favourite brand works brilliantly for the meal, but breaks down quickly if you try to reheat it.