May is Celiac Awareness Month

Udi's and Glutino spread the word for Celiac Awareness Month
I've never eaten a hot dog bun in my life. If I had one as a toddler, I have no recollection of it. I don't think I'd ever really thought about it before this week - when this incredible shipment arrived at my door.

You can just imagine the little squeals of joy that I made as I unloaded this box of gluten-free goodies onto my kitchen counter. Never thought I'd eat a "toaster pastry" - but that's about to change too. Come to think of it...until today, I'd never eaten a bagel either! 

This is what the good people at Udi's sent to me and a number of other gluten-free bloggers to promote that May is Celiac Awareness Month in North America.

  • Udi's Snickerdoodles (gone - delicious)
  • Udi's Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites (divine, also gone - I shared a couple)
  • Udi's Ancient Grains Granola Bars (wonderfully chewy, and great for on the go)
  • Udi's Blueberry Cashew, and Cranberry Granolas (saving)
  • Udi's Pizza Crusts (perfect.)
  • Udi's Everything and Mighty Bagels (fantastic! see photo below)
  • Udi's Hamburger & Hotdog Buns (can't wait to eat a sausage on a bun!!)
  • Udi's White Sandwich & Cinnamon Raisin Breads (great staples)
  • Glutino Pretzels (saving)
  • Glutino Bagel Chips (light and crunchy - enjoyed with soup)
  • Glutino Toaster Pasteries (yummy)
I've often referred to the fact that I've been on this diet for a very long time - almost 42 years now. Celiac used to be a word that would get nothing but funny looks and would require lots of awkward explanation. Today, most people just nod. We've come a long way. This is in part due to the good works of associations, but also because there are more and more people getting a solid diagnosis. People who suffered for years without knowing why are finally getting biopsies, accepting the facts and learning to adapt to a new diet.

This intense market growth opens up the way for manufacturers to be in a position to offer better food, more variety in products and distribute it widely. Newly diagnosed celiac patients can ease into this diet today because companies like Udi's are replicating the foods one might miss on a "restricted" diet. You can visit their website HERE.

Udi's bagel... you wouldn't have to be gluten-free to appreciate it
In 1976 you could order special bread that came in from the UK in a TIN. Today, there are gluten-free products readily available to you that are so good, you may need to hide them in the cupboard...so that the rest of the family doesn't eat them first. 


  1. How exciting- the best parcel ever! I wish we had this brand over here as I've heard how great it is. Happy Eating!

  2. Well who's a lucky Lady.

    Enjoy every morsel

    By the way you did have hot dog buns albeit homemade and not too attractive to boot! when you went to kiddie parties, when you were young.

  3. Well - I stand corrected! I do remember the cute cupcakes for parties - but had forgotten all about the hot dog buns.... Thanks Mum!!