Gluten-Free Joke

It's official - you can't go anywhere now without someone making fun of gluten-free mania. I've commented before that  "marketing" gluten-free label on products that would never even be suspect (jam, for example)...makes me crazy. 

Today you'll even see "gluten-free" marked on a bag of almonds. Ingredients: Almonds. On the same bag: Does Not Contain Gluten. In this case, I'd guess that the distributor is tired of fielding calls on their customer service line. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm DELIGHTED to see packaging with clear "Gluten-Free" labelling - but c'mon. When things that would never be suspect are touting this status as a selling feature - it's no wonder the gluten-free scene is taking a lot of knocks right now. I just saw a print done by a local artist titled "GLUTEN FREE POETRY". 

Celiacs - get ready... I feel the winds are changing once again. Your fashionable diet is, well, becoming more fun to mock than to follow. Perhaps I'll feel like a dinosaur in a few years when I order out at a restaurant and ask whether a dish can be served up "gluten-free". We'll find all of those gf cookbooks stacked up alongside Mr. Atkins in the used book stores. Of course... I could be wrong. In which case, good thing there is gluten-free coffee (and more importantly, cookies) available down the street!

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  1. Actually, I love to see the label on the products. I can't tell you how many times I've picked something up, like sour cream or tortilla chips that you wouldn't think would have gluten in them only to discover that they do. Also, coffee bean, wine, and other items you wouldn't consider could easily be contaminated with gluten and dairy. Wines use finishing agents - often derived from dairy and coffees can be flavored with all sorts of natural and artificial flavorings and those flavorings could have gluten. Thanks for the post though. It made me smile.