All Roads Lead to gluten-free Rome!

Well, my roads all certainly seem to... I've moved there twice! Anyone who knows me has undoubtedly heard me speak way too much about my love of all things Italian.... you'd think I'd have written about gluten-free Roma by now. I'm happy to share that I'm heading back for a couple of weeks with little on the agenda except for wandering. 

Nowadays it makes sense to spend some time on the internet learning from those who've travelled before you. I'm building up a list of places to watch out for - and hope that I'll discover a whole bunch more on my adventures as I wind through the cobblestone streets of my favourite city. 

Ci vediamo qui tra un po con i posti e il cibo migliore... e senza glutine!!


  1. I had a wonderful time in Rome. There were gluten-free options everywhere! Try La Soffitta Ristorante Renovatio not far from the Vatican. It was one of my favorites! Safe gluten-free travels!

  2. Thanks so much Erin! I'll never forget your Czech recommendation.... sadly, another reader advised that they have since closed up shop. He lives there and is hoping that they will find a new location. I will certainly check out La Soffitta - their website looks great! The Italians certainly know how to do gluten-free. I always come home with a few extra pounds on me!

  3. I visited Rome for the first time this past December, and I absolutely can't wait to return! My favorite find was Taverna Barberini, near the Trevi Fountain. I still dream about that pasta!

  4. Thanks so much for this Anna - I wish I'd seen this message when I was there... as it's not far from where I was staying! I will certainly include your recommendation in my follow up post!!