Product Review - Larabar Pie Flavours

Larabar ingredients are simple, pure and delicious
I haven't been an energy bar person to date. In fact, when they first came out years ago I took a hard look, and it wasn't easy to find something that I could be sure was gluten free. Times have changed. 

To be honest, even when I started seeing energy bars enter the market, I was not that drawn. So many seemed to have a great deal of ingredients, and I preferred to carry my little ziplock bag with nuts, seeds and raisins around. In part because of the simplicity, but in part because of the price. 

My stepdaughter, who is going through a very particular phase with food has been on a bit of a Larabar kick these last few months. You've never met a healthier 19 year-old. 

When I was contacted and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing Larabar products - I said yes please. A week before the samples arrived, I bought my first bar. I was already sold before I opened the box of samples they sent this week (pictured).  

I've been on the special carbohydrate diet for 68 days at this point, so on top of needing to be gluten-free, there was little out there that would count as a "treat" in my books, that was also allowed on this scd diet. Dates had become my new favourite food. Low and behold, that is the base for the Larabar. A super healthy, and "legal" treat in every regard. 

I confess that one of the things I pine for most in the gluten world has to be pecan pie. While I haven't indulged in many, many years... one of my last memories of "cheating" on my gf diet was a low moment of scooping the innards out of a pecan pie. I was weak. It was a dumb idea. Today, I had the Pecan Pie Larabar - and I do not embellish when I say - they've nailed it. You will not believe that they managed to replicate pecan pie with only three natural ingredients - and none of them is sugar. 

The Apple Pie Larabar was also delicious (you need to like cinnamon - and I do, because the flavour is strong). The Cherry Pie is bursting with the fresh tart taste of cherries. You have no doubt that the real fruit is what you are tasting. Simple, delicious and nutritious. 

I liked all three of the samples I was sent to try, but Pecan Pie - for my tastebuds, is the winner. Three ingredients never tasted so good. I could eat one every day without guilt for about the same price as a chocolate bar. Add that there isn't the insulin high and low, there is plenty of fibre and protein - gf, vegan and kosher. Excellent road trip fare. 

For the gluten-free diet, these are a real winner. If you have an even MORE restrictive diet... you will be shocked to know that you now have an amazing, healthy and dessert-like treat to enjoy. I might be able to handle this SCD diet a few more weeks now. Thanks Larabar!

Check out the Larabar site HERE for more, including how to order online. 

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