top 10 gluten-free snacks on the road

This is not about being healthy... I'm talking about when you're living out of a bag or backpack - in a car or stuck in airports. No fridge, no specialty food shops.... hard core gluten-free sustenance. In gas stations, airport news stands, convenience stores and tiny local market shops look for the following caloric fuel:
  • the banana or an apple
  • nuts, seeds & trail mix
  • V8 Vegetable or tomato juice
  • single serving yogurt or cottage cheese
  • cheese (cheese strings or babybel... sometimes!)
  • ice cream bar (read the label of course!)
  • regular (ideally unflavoured) potato chips
  • natcho chips (ideally unflavoured) 
  • popcorn
  • chocolate bar (more label reading)....

This is "survival" food - I'm not recommending that anyone should eat like this... but next time you find yourself in a panic for calories - it's good to know that there is always something that will do in a pinch. Let's face it, those donuts, danishes, and panini wrapped up in these fueling stops aren't all that fresh or appetizing either - we aren't missing much! 

Worth keeping in the glove box of your car (or your knapsack when traveling):
  • rice cakes (sealed they seem to keep forever).
  • plastic fork & spoon
  • travel knife
  • individually wrapped wet wipes

Click HERE to see my post about our last big road trip for more (and much healthier) ideas on what to pack when traveling... and I'd love to hear of some of your own!!


  1. These are some of my top choices when options are slim -- I won't lie, there are times when I've gotten Cracker Jacks too. (many times actually) I always have either a Larabar or a GFB - Gluten Free Bar in my bag too. Dried fruit is good or fruit leathers too.

  2. Great ideas Sarah! I typically have a bag of almonds in my bag at all times...in general good to be prepared when you are on the road. Too many cracker jacks or ice cream bars aren't good for anyone's bellies!

  3. I always have granola bars in my bag and trail mix is a favourite too. When we go travelling I always have half a pantry worth of staples like noodles, bread, lactose free milk and stuff to make sure I can eat safely and well wherever we are. Why should I miss out? :)