If gluten free is "over" - what's next?

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I wanted to share some quotes from an article published in Canada's national paper today. I'll post a link to the full article at the end....  I simply want to ask the question: If this is true - how do you think those of us with celiac will fare when the gluten-free craze is over?

"The incidence of celiac disease, is believed to be four times as common today as it was 50 years ago. But representing only about 1 per cent of the population, those with celiac disease clearly aren’t the only ones propelling the market’s growth."

"An unknown number of people who suffer from allergies and other intolerances to the protein are also snapping up gluten-free products, while others are adopting a gluten-free diet for its perceived health and weight-loss benefits."

"According to a 2009 report, titled Gluten Free: Context, Insights and Predictions, sees gluten-free as something of a passing fad. The report predicted the interest in gluten-free dieting will peak at about 2012, and begin to peter out, as fad dieters and those interested in health and wellness drop away."

You can read the full article by Wency Leung for the Globe & Mail by clicking HERE

I must agree that gluten-free is not necessarily healthier. It depends what you choose to eat. I should also admit, there is a part of me that has been annoyed by manufacturers selling things like JAM as "gluten free". (That said, I recognize that it likely brought a lot of comfort to those who were new to the diet.) Apparently, we won't be seeing it much longer.

If 2012 is the year that gluten-free stops being so cool... what do you think the aftermath will be for those who NEED to be gluten-free for life?

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