would you trust that it's REALLY gluten free?

When she put this burger in front of me in the diner-style restaurant in some small town in Maine... I eyed it with suspicion. 

The waitress had assured me that they had gluten-free buns.  When I simpered my concern "Was it really gluten-free?" She gave me a look that asked "You calling me a liar?"... She didn't come out with the bag, but did give me the name of the bakery that they got the buns from. 

I felt hesitant (you can even see in this shot where I picked off a corner of the bun to "test" it). I ate the burger... but with an uneasy, slightly paranoid feeling, despite the fact that it looked different from Bill's "normal" bun. Even Bill was giving me the "you're being neurotic" vibe.

I'll admit the burger was pretty darned tasty and nothing "bad" happened. When we got home from our trip I checked out the bakery online. They didn't highlight making gluten-free goods so I sent an email to which they responded "we are working on getting our gluten-free status". I don't know what that meant, but it did make me realize that it's not such a bad thing to remain cautious when someone tells you that what they are serving you is gluten-free. What would you have done?

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