betty crocker gluten-free cake mix

This is a piece of Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cake made from their mix. The kind of cake that I drooled over in the 70's as a little kid. The kind of cake that was completely forbidden to me, until recently. 

I haven't changed my tune. Baked goods made from scratch with fresh ingredients are certainly my preference, but I'm not a big baker myself. It's nice to know I don't have to be. 

We made the chocolate cake for my Dad's birthday party. We served half of this cake at the dinner - the other half I devoured over the next 24 hours. Sliver by glorious sliver. The icing is Duncan Hines (also gluten-free, although not always marked as such). Ingredient list is frighteningly unhealthy... but let's not kid ourselves, this is junk food.

One of my final memories before diagnosis, was of toddler cuisine - tiny concoctions made from Betty Crocker "Easy Bake Oven" cake mixes. Soon after, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. This cake made me feel like I'd come full circle. The world of mass market junk cake mix was back at my disposal. Yum. 

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