gluten-free at the office

I don't work here... but you get the idea...
I work in a typical office, where there is a communal fridge (stuffed to capacity with loads of old stinky leftovers) and a microwave. I can't say that we don't have amenities. 

There are days I'm happy to have them so that I can bring in some chili, or home made soup, leftover frittata or risotto and heat it up. Most days I eat food like I'm on a picnic. My office cupboard has a stash of the following:
  • Olive Oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • Italian herb mixture (not seasoning)
  • individual servings of tuna in olive oil
  • organic brown rice cakes or seed or lentil crackers
  • tins of chickpeas, navy or white kidney beans
  • toasted almonds and or walnuts 
  • small strainer
  • sharp knife
Having these tools and non-perishables at the ready means I can always scrounge together a healthy meal... but for the most part they are the elements I add to fresh ingredients. A sandwich baggy holds more than two slices of bread - I use them to cart lettuce (arugula and spinach are my faves), fruit, avocados, feta cheese, hard boiled eggs, leftover roasted or grilled veg, tomatoes, cucumber etc. The combination typically adds up to a pretty satisfying, healthy and delicious lunch. The protein and nutrients are high, the carbs are low, so if I want to go out for lunch now and again - I don't feel too guilty :). 

What are your go-to items for lunch away from home?

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