gluten-free now and then...keeping it healthy

Mum's gluten-free recipe cards held the secrets of my favourite treats growing up
Flashback to the early 1970's. No gluten-free anything in any grocery store. No internet. No computers for that matter. My mother was armed with her little index cards and her typewriter to record her groundbreaking research.

Celia was truly a pioneer in the gluten-free food world. On the days when you are feeling a little blue about having to go without something, it doesn't hurt to recognize that there is no better time to be diagnosed with a condition that requires or benefits from going without gluten. 

I think it's equally important to reflect on the fact that it was very possible to live well, and thrive on this diet before the market was flooded with specialty food products. As a veteran, it's been very interesting to watch the market change so much and see people adopting this diet without their doctor prescribing it to keep them alive.

Gluten-free is not a guarantee that you will be healthier (or thinner for that matter!) Living simply, on fresh, local foods that are not mass produced is still the best option. I love having the gluten-free foods I crave at the ready, but as we all focus on living a little healthier at the start of a new year... I'm going to aim to keep my meals focused around lots of greens, beans and simple gluten-free grains. Ok, and perhaps an occasional (and much appreciated) cookie or two.

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