simple soup - fast & healthy food for frosty days

chard, like kale, comes in many varieties
Sometimes a good dose of veggies is really in order. In winter, decent fresh veggies can be a little harder to come by.

Soup is a food that we whip up based on a few essentials and whatever is available and ideally, organic and in season. This time of year that means greens like chard, kale or collard. Squash and root veggies are also a good bet. Oh, and beans. We eat a lot of beans.

So here is a super simple list of ingredients that make up a healthy and hearty soup. Mix up the variables for variety:

Put this selection of items into the pot in this order:
1) good quality extra virgin olive oil to cover bottom of pot
2) chopped onion and or leeks & garlic, sauteed until clear
3) any combination of chili flakes, thyme, rosemary, parsley...
4) beans (garbanzo, white kidney, cannelini, navy, black...)
5) chopped greens (kale, chard, collard, spinach...)
6) organic/healthy/gf bouillon cube(s)
7) boiled water (kettle makes this easy) to cover ingredients.
8) bring to boil and then turn down to simmer for 20 mins. 
beans make veggie soup more substantial
To shake it up further, you could add either a can of diced tomatoes OR juice from a lemon (not both!). We make most of our choices based on what's in the larder. Toss in potatoes, carrots, celery, fennel right after the onions - whatever you have on hand.
this one has chard, white kidney beans and diced tomatoes
If you think you don't have the time or energy to make homemade soup... this takes about 10 minutes to assemble (including washing, chopping etc).. and another 20 minutes to simmer. If you make a big batch (note I didn't include amounts - depends on your need!) you can eat this for lunches throughout the week. You can also put it in single serving size containers and freeze it for another time. Healthy food - ready when you are... and ideal for keeping those new year's resolutions on track!


  1. This is my kind of soup -- simple and full of green! YUM!

  2. Oh wow, that looks so good! I love soups full of veggies :)

  3. Full of flavour and nutrients to keep the flu away!