frozen gluten-free cookie and brownie dough

When I shared my recent post with Sweets from the Earth - they offered to supply me with some of their new frozen cookie dough to try. How could I resist? Even more importantly, how could I resist eating all of the cookies in one go? Solution: invite my friend Angela over for a gluten-free bake-a-thon.

Truth be told, these were extremely easy to make - so it wasn't assistance I was looking for in the baking department. I wanted a buddy to eat cookies with... and someone who could provide additional feedback on the goodies - and who would take half of the highly caloric treats home with her.

The chocolate chip cookies were delicious. I am glad that I baked them in two batches, however, because as their packaging says; every oven is different. My first batch worked out well - but took longer than the suggested 8-10 minutes. Sadly, I turned up the oven from 350 to 375 and the second batch just melted into lacy puddles. The winners are photographed above. While the lacy puddles were not super photogenic - don't worry... they did not go to waste :)

Next, we tried the brownies. I did not have mini muffin trays, or the recommended 6" square pan. My pan was 8" making the brownies rather shallow and difficult to remove from the dish. I would recommend using parchment paper so that they could be easily lifted out and then cut. Format aside - these were also a winner. Both Bill and Angela's husband Bennett gave them 2 thumbs up. Both the cookies and the brownies would certainly satisfy a craving for sweets.

What I like most about this dough is the convenience. You can keep them on hand for when you need them and whip up cookies in no time, with no mess. You can also bake as much or as little as you need at a time. You can find a recent post about this companies products HERE. My favourite still has to be the cashew cookies...dangerously good! Check out their site for more info.


  1. What great products, they look so yummy indeed!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of this! I would LOVE to try it, I'm kind of a cookie monster... :)

    I miss being able to buy cookie mixes from the grocery store!

  3. Sometimes you just need cookies -- and sometimes that can be an overwhelming task if you're recently GF or just plain tired -- so these would be perfect to keep in the freezer! (and even better shared with a friend over coffee!)