blogging gluten-free

Saying I'm low tech is an understatement. I'm a troglodyte. Until yesterday I'd avoided facebook like the plague. It's a miracle that you've found me.

As of today, I have a gfg facebook page and a flickr page. Last night I figured out how to add code so that I could have a facebook "like" button on my posts.

Current research estimates that 1 in 133 North Americans have celiac disease and even more people are gluten intolerant. I know that my people are out there!

There are a already a number of really fantastic gluten-free bakers blogging. I've created this blog as I'm convinced that less than half of us want to spend our days learning how to make bread with tapioca flour. If you are reading this and know someone who is gluten intolerant and wanting to explore options that don't involve a mix master please share this blog!



  1. I don't even know how to run my blog properly! I got someone to give me a facebook page that links to my blog, but that's it. I've never used it or twitter, but guess I should learn one day. Good for you for embrancing the times!

  2. Actually me too, my blog doesn't even link to facebook or twitter! But I love cooking and I really want to share it, congrats on taking this step! all the best x

  3. Thanks to you both for your connecting! Lots to learn...but this is a sign that people are starting to find me - yipppeeee!!!