gluten free market - it's hip to be gluten free!

This morning Bill and I went to the the Brick Works - an amazing place in Toronto that was once the location of the brick making kilns responsible for producing much of our city. Today this historic site is run by Evergreen, an environmental non-profit. Every Saturday they run an organic & local market. It was our first visit to this super lively venue. Among all the gorgeous fresh organic produce, there were five stalls selling baked goods.  The sweetest surprise was that of these five, three offered delicious gluten free goodies.

I am also noting another trend... many bakers are making goods that are both gluten-free AND vegan as a way of expanding their market with one product. Personally, I prefer butter and eggs in my baked goods... but I don't turn my nose up at any gluten free treat. 

I inhaled an enormous chocolate chip cookie from LPK's Culinary Groove... the image above shows the goods I left behind (this time!).  

Tonight I will scarf down a ginger loaf for dessert with friends. Jose from Pimenton gave me a sample... yum!! I asked him why they were offering gf - he replied that the market had driven the new products. I think that he too is curious to see how this "trend" will pan out.... I'm interested in hearing more about other's take on where this is all going. After all of these years going without - I'm still in shock at what is available around me these days.


  1. I'd love to try those donuts! It's great to see more products like this available for us InTolerants. The issue will be keeping them there once the novelty of the 'fad' fades. So many people still see gluten free as a diet choice instead of a serious health issue. At work just a couple of weeks ago one of the other chefs made staff lunch and bought me a sandwich saying 'wholegrain means it's got no gluten, doesn't it?' You don't even want to know what I've seen them put into Vegan food,'to teach them a lesson'
    Education and awareness is the only way we'll keep the ball rolling long term, and great recipes that proove glutenfree tastes good too.

  2. I am vegan/soya/dairy free do you know of any good healthy recipes? I am struggling!!!! xxx

  3. Hi Everyday! omitting eggs would effect your baked good offering more than anything. I would recommend you check out the gorgeous crumble on Karina's blog this week (no butter!). The link is on my "top five blog" post.. she's the gluten free goddess. She also posted a recipe for gf, vegan rice crispy squares last week. Seems she would be a good baking post for you to follow. Lack of eggs in baked goods is a challenge... if you are craving I'd recommend you google for a vegan bakery in your hood - you just never know! Thanks so much for visiting my blog - we share a love of Miffy! Claudine

  4. Thanks! i am not allowed any eggs soya, dairy etc, as my son is allergic and I feed him my milk.

    It's a pain!

    I will check those things out! xxx