brunch - gluten free style

gluten-free bread served with eggs, bacon and home fries at little fish
The gluten-free stars really have aligned for me - a year ago a bakery called littlefish opened in my neighborhood directly across the street from my home on Dundas Street West. This is essentially an all day brunch establishment - that is NOT gluten free. However, when you order your gluten-free toast they actually offer you a selection of white or brown. My typical classic breakfast is pictured above. Delish.

Last December, a totally gluten-free (and vegan) bakery opened up less than a block from my home. Bunners makes a cupcake so rich that it should only be eaten in two sittings - and the red velvet birthday cake? Divine. 

The Beet (a mere 3 blocks away) has a number of healthy, tasty, local, organic & gluten-free entres clearly marked on the menu. I particularly like the bbq chicken rice wraps.

My neighborhood in Toronto is known as the Junction. Ten years ago there was literally nothing to draw people here - today, it has certainly made me feel very much at home. 

Finally on the topic of local baked goods... a shout out to my dear friend Angela, who showed up at my door with a gift of homemade gluten free carrot muffins last weekend. The universe is keeping the baked goods coming!


  1. Lucky you to have such great place so close by!

  2. It's so true! Two years ago I would have been scrambling, but the growing gluten-free market has fueled an amazing offering.