Brown Rice Wraps - Food for Life

gluten-free brown rice wrap served at The Beet
Brown rice wraps were a discovery that blew my mind. The only gluten-free option for a wrap that I had used to date were soft corn tortillas. I like those, but the flavour could be overpowering, and they didn't make a great "sandwich".

The brown rice wrap pictured here was served to me at one of my favourite local restaurants called The Beet. They grill the wrap first and then fill it with avocado, black beans and quinoa. They also serve it with barbeque chicken. Seriously good!!

These wraps, which are made by Food for Life are sold flat packed and frozen in a bag as tortillas. I had been nuking them, but since trying them grilled I've been warming them in a non-stick pan on the stove before stuffing. Both work, but the texture of the latter method is much better. 

Unlike so many rice based gluten-free baked goods, these hold together amazingly well - and have a quality we rarely get to enjoy: a little bit of chew!

One of my go-to meals when dining alone is to fill one of these with fresh arugula, spinach or chicory along with tuna, leftover grilled chicken or cheese. When you wrap them tight, you can cram a lot of greens into one of these wraps - so you get a complete meal without much prep or clean up.Click on the links to find out more about this amazing product and where you can find it near you!


  1. Most GF wraps are stiff cardboardy things that split when you try and roll them. It's so nice to find one that actually works :)

  2. this looks like my kind of feast! all what i can say is that i love it.


  3. I haven't found one that I like yet, but haven't every tried grilling them, that might just help with the texture issue. But you did give me some good ideas for filling them when I do find one!

  4. I'll have to keep my eyes out for these! I've been looking for good wrap substitutes