gluten-free gifts... to my heart through my stomach

who could eat so much at one pot-luck?!
We recently had a team meeting at my manager's house. The idea is to get away from the office for a day of creative thinking. For such events, our team pulls together serious pot-luck lunches. 

Last year I was blown away by everyone's consideration of my needs, and this year did not disappoint. When I showed up in Adrian's kitchen - this basket was waiting on the counter. It put one heck of a gluten-free grin on my face.

I shared the gf love... even if I wanted to eat them all!
A couple of months ago I posted a review of Queen B Pastry's CROWNIE. Any product I review unsolicited and based on my desire to share (vs paid promotion). 

A week after posting on the CROWNIE, owner David had a box of the delicious treats delivered to my home in thanks. Queen B now sells these and a number of other divine treats down the street from us at Crema Coffee (you must try the Olive Oil Orange Cakelettes!). 

This blog is called gluten free gift because I am constantly reminded of the kindness of others. My life is full of such gifts, for which I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.


  1. Isn't it just the best when co-workers are so considerate? It really is a gift! (and those treats look tasty!)

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