gluten-free birthday party - let them eat cake!

My super talented cousin Moya made this cake for her birthday earlier this month. She's clearly an ace with the fondant icing, and sent it to me because Hello Kitty always makes her think of me. When I found out it was gluten-free, I had to ask why.

Neither Moya nor anyone in her immediate family needs to avoid gluten, but recently she's hosted some of the most celebrated kiddie parties in Ottawa. What she learned is that a very high ratio of her boys' friends are not eating gluten. Thirty percent to be exact.

Given these stats, she had contacted me looking for cookie recipes. Apparently, parents offered to send their child to the party with their own treats (typically a good defense)... but Moya was determined to make her kids' parties inclusive. The cake would be gf too.

At Seth's 5th birthday, the theme was Star Wars. The cake - a very manly looking Millenium Falcon. She tells me that the cake was such a hit (not just cool - but tasty too) that she decide to make her own cake (see the much girlier version at the top of this post) with the same gluten-free recipe. You can find that recipe by clicking HERE.

When you are a little kid (or a big one for that matter), not being able to participate in ceremonial food is even harder than avoiding the day to day stuff. Ceremonial food - like birthday cake is a very emotional time (complete with fire and wish-making no less!). Watching, but not partaking, particularly as a kid can feel very alienating within the tribal atmosphere. Kudos to my cousin Moya who has always been as sensitive to the hearts of those around her - as she is to their stomachs. 

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