The French word for bread is PAIN.

Buckwheat crackers from euro-nat
Carol brought these Pain des fleurs Organic Buckwheat Crispbread crackers over to our place last weekend. Their arrival brought a huge smile to my face. The first time I'd tried this line of products was in Paris a few years ago. I'd found them in a health food shop around the corner from the apartment we rented. Perhaps they weren't as appetizing to look at as the baguettes displayed in baskets everywhere... but they did the job and made an excellent accompaniment to all of the phenomenal cheese I gorged on.

Upon my return, I did see this product line now and again on store shelves here in Canada, but could never pull the trigger. It have a hard time wrapping my mind around almost $7 for a box of crackers when I'm not on vacation.

2 pks of 12 crackers per box
Boy am I glad Carol is not as frugal as I am! I'd forgotten how delicious they are - AND they have one ingredient: organic buckwheat. That's it. They have a quiet toasted, nutty flavour that would go with lots of things. Added bonus: all of 20 calories per piece - and they are the size of a slice of gluten-free bread!

In short, if you are looking for something to break up the monotony of rice crackers, or avoid the high fat content and not so healthy ingredients found in most other gf cracker options - I'd break the bank and treat yourself to a box of Le Pain des fleurs. Despite the name, they bring no pain - and if you eat an entire box, no harm done to your waistline or your health. These crispbreads are also available in quinoa or chestnut. All gluten-free and organic. You can find their website HERE.


  1. I'd love to try the chestnut ones, they sound delicious!

  2. Ohhh, these sound really good! I've never seen them here in the states though.

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