counter to my last post - gf products CAN be healthy!

I've been feeling bad about calling out how unhealthy many of our gluten-free products actually are for us. In fairness, they are not any less healthy than most processed foods on the market. Just because we are not genetically made to eat gluten, doesn't mean we don't want the same options (healthy or otherwise) that others have. 

Most of us can agree that ANY food (gluten-free or otherwise) is better for us the less we muck about with it. I am particularly pleased with these crackers I just found from Orgran.

These Essential Fibre Crispibread are virtuously satisfying on their own...but best enjoyed with cheese, hummous, or nut butter. They are both gluten-free AND good for me! Only six ingredients: brown rice flour, wholegrain sorghum, psyllium, rice bran and salt. Gluten-free goodness!

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