gluten free is not synonymous with healthy

Sorry Glutino.... I'm a big fan of many of your products... but I was less than thrilled when I read the ingredients on the side of your table crackers. 

Normally, I wouldn't dream of buying anything without having read the ingredients first. However, when the box read "gluten-free", and came from a trusted gluten-free manufacturer, I happily tossed it in my basket with little concern. Just because a product doesn't contain gluten, does not mean it's a good choice.

I do love the texture and weight of these crackers, alas reading what they are made of I've decided this was my last box. There is nothing good for me here. If this is what it takes to make gluten-free crackers simulate regular ones, I'll happily give them up. 

The point here is not to pick on any one product in particular.  Generally, gluten-free products are made to replicate "normal" food. Sometimes, (ironically) to make these products as close as possible to those we miss - more food science (read chemicals) are used.

I don't need to eat the gluten-free version of what everyone else is eating if a lot of unhealthy ingredients need to go into making it "edible" for me. 

We eat gluten free for our health - right?

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