new gluten free products I've checked out

I try not to buy gluten-free cookies. I try, because I have no willpower. Because I have no willpower, I buy gluten-free cookies. It's an ongoing battle. One I typically lose when I see a new cookie on the market that I haven't tried before. Luckily, at $7.95 a box, my budget keeps me from buying every flavour (at once anyway!). 

These GAGA for Gluten Free cookies are made in Toronto, which appeals to my "buy local" attitude. I tell myself it's important to help out new local start up bakeries. You can see I have this dialogue about why I should buy a box of cookies down to an art. 

As usual, I ramble. What you really want to know is whether to part with your $8 should you stumble upon these cookies. There were two other flavours on the shelf  - I naturally lunged for the "chocolicious" ones. If you like a really rich chocolate taste, and a slightly sandy cookie (shortbread-like texture) indulge in a box. They are soft and a little crumbly (not a problem as they are small and can be popped directly in your mouth in one go). I'll probably talk myself into another box of these again soon.
Now onto the savoury. I have been a fan of Mary's Organic Crackers for a few years now. I'm pleased to see them turning up on tables next to dips and cheese at the homes of my gluten eating friends too. A nice change from the Asian rice crackers I've been eating for years. 

In that little bowl above is a newer product from Mary's called Sticks & Twigs. Kind of like pretzels. What I particularly like about these is they are so healthy! I never buy "flavoured" chips, crackers or rice cakes. The less chemicals, the better my tummy operates. This means I rarely venture beyond "plain". These are curry flavour. The flavour comes from one ingredient - curry powder (no weird sounding additives). I know, curry powder is made up of a variety of spices... but that is all they are. I eat a little bowl like the one above and my craving for salty snack is satiated. Unlike the cookies... I eat these guilt free.

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  1. I'm torn over gf supermarket cookies. On one hand, I'm so proud of the manufacturer for making a product for us InTolerants, on the other, I'm loathe to spend so much money! I compromise by making my own so much cheaper at home, and buying packets to take when I visit friends :)