Goodbye Gluten - leave your reading glasses at home!

This ginger cookie hails from a pretty divine place.

I finally made it up to gluten-free heaven. Entering Good Bye Gluten (GBG) was probably the only time in my entire life that I've walked into a store and could pick anything off of a shelf and "know" that it was gluten-free.

I was also very happy to have a chance to speak with owner Ricki, who explained that she had decided to open the store because her daughter had been diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 15 (nearing 20 years ago) at a time when gluten-free was hard to come by.  

At Goodbye Gluten she has culled the best gluten-free goods on the market and brought them to Toronto. What's not on shelves is freshly prepared and served behind the deli & bakery counter - or in the fridge and freezer. I could make an extensive list... but trust me, you will want for nothing.

Oh, and you need an event catered? They've got that covered too. A colleague of mine at work had her wedding cake made here.  Both she and her guests were delighted with the results.

GBG claims to be the first 100% gluten-free food store of its kind in Canada with this range of offerings. All I know is that Torontonian celiacs couldn't be luckier! Click on the hyper link above for their website.

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