filling up the larder - cook once & enjoy over time...

Last summer we totally got into hitting the farmer's markets on Saturday mornings. As fall approached we realized that a long Ontario winter was ahead of us. A winter of questionable produce imported from distant lands.

I fondly remember autumn afternoons spent with my friend Pina and her family... preparing cans of tomatoes they'd order by the bushel to later use in amazing Italian dishes. Rows of sauce lined their pantry shelves for the rest of the year. I prized the jars I'd be sent home with for my work prepping the sugo in the backyard. 

While we weren't quite ready for that level of commitment, Bill was inspired enough to cook up huge batches of sauce to be stored in the freezer. 

We don't believe that you have to live in the kitchen to live well, but we do believe in working smart. One afternoon of well organized play can result in a LOT of ready made dinners for those weeknights when you just can't face food prep. Some really good quality sauce on top of your favorite gluten-free pasta or polenta hits the spot.

As I post this we are down to the last jar. The countdown to spring begins...


  1. They sure look good! I've been getting my freezer stocked for winter too- blanching beans, cooking tomatoes, cutting rhubarb, drying chilies and herbs... It makes me feel quite rich indeed!

  2. rhubarb - yum! We are either going to have to get a bigger freezer next year, or learn how to preserve & can the old fashioned way. It's true that a stash of good quality food can make you feel wealthy in the best possible sense!