gluten free pizza is delivered everywhere

I opened our mailbox one night a few weeks back to find the expected stash of flyers for local pizza delivery. Normally I don't even give them a second glance. Their coupons hold no value to my celiac self. But this time - one caught my eye... and then the next. 

To my amazement 3 out of 3 of these pizza chains were offering a gluten-free pizza. Does this mean I'll never have to endure another outting where I'm not the only one shirking the sacred bread-like triangles with stringy cheese? 

Hard to say. Regardless of how popular our diet is becoming with the fast food market (buns on burgers? Oh happy day!)...How safe do you feel ordering a gf pizza from a fast-food establishment, where in all likelihood your pizza is being made by a high-school student for minimum wage? Will your pizza pie be put on the floured counter or tray? Will they spread the cheese on with floured hands? Will they know what celiac disease means, and how important it is to have safe food?

I have eaten said pizza. It's a crap shoot. First time, no problem. Second... mamma mia. I'm more likely to eat take-out pizza vs delivery because I can look the person who made my pizza in the eye and say: If you don't think you can make it without making me sick I'll respect you for saying so. Oh, and I'll try not to barf outside your entrance (not that I would barf... but I like to make it tangible for them:)).

I'm not suggesting you do - or you don't order gf pizza. I'm am suggesting that we use discretion, and let the operation know that there are those avoiding gluten - and those that can't touch the stuff. I'd like them not to use the term gluten-free pizza too lightly. Just sayin'. 

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  1. I appreciate the effort of these chains trying to accomodate me. At Dominos I have tried to add on ingedients like salami, but the staff refused to allow me as it wasn't designated gfree, I was impressed. There is ALWAYS going to be the risk of contamination, but I think they know I'm smart enough to weigh up the pros and cons for myself.
    You run just as much risk asking for decaf coffee- I have worked in places that refuse to serve it but will send out regular instead to teach the customer a lesson, and vegetarian/vegan food- chicken stock, butter, fish and oyster sauce, all used regularly because kitchens can't be bothered keeping separate stock. Don't think it doesn't happen because it does. All the time. Even at a cafe I went to that had a gfree section of the kitchen, the staff didn't have colour coded utensils, and the chopping board was just flipped over for gfree bread, which only works once until regular crumbs are deposited.
    We are the exception rather than the rule, so if in doubt, don't eat out.